Happy NaissanceE day!

One year ago was released my first game as an independent developer, NaissanceE.
To celebrate this day NaissanceE is now available at a lower price, enjoy!


Here the new price according to your currency:

USD $ 14.99
GB Pounds £ 9.99
Euros € 12.99
Rubles pуб 349
REAL R$ 27.99
Yen ¥ 1,480
Krone kr 100.00
Rupiah Rp 115,999
Ringgit RM 31.00
Philippine Peso P 419.95
Singapore Dollar S$ 15.00
Baht ฿ 315.00
Won ₩ 16,000
Lira TL 24.00
Hryvnia ₴ 79
Mexican Peso Mex$ 149.99
Canadian Dollar CDN$ 16.99
Australian Dollar A$ 16.99
New Zealand Dollar NZ$ 17.99

NaissanceE now Oculus compatible!


Many people where asking for an Oculus Rift compatibility, it’s now possible to experience the world of NaissanceE in virtual reality mode on Steam!

Warning! It’s highly recommended to play the game in normal mode for the first time for a best experience. Oculus Rift is still in development and the compatible Unreal Engine 3 UDK build is quite old so expect some bugs and display artefacts.

DK2 is not supported, only DK1 is.

Warning! NaissanceE is not recommended for people with epilepsy, NaissanceE with Oculus Rift is highly not recommended for people with epilepsy!


How to play:

  • In Steam, right click on NaissanceE>properties>beta then choose the “ne-vr” build.
  • Set up the Oculus as secondary screen in Windows, in extended mode, not mirroring.
  • Launch the game and switch on fullscreen (in graphic menu or by pressing F11) to activate the HMD display.
  • Console commands can be found in the NaissanceE root folder if you need to make some adjustments (…\Steam\SteamApps\common\NaissanceE\UE3-Oculus.txt).
  • If you have any troubles, issues or just want to share your experience, please use the Steam forum.
  •  Enjoy!

Week long discount start today!

I’m please to announce you that NaissanceE will be available with a 25% discount all the week along on Steam.
The discount start today, Monday the 5 of May and will last until next Monday, the 12 at 10:00 am (Pacific time).

If not yet done, it’s time to discover and explore the world of NaissanceE, a gigantic world of contrast, loneliness, and music.


“NaissanceE’s world is an interactive Carceri, powerful beyond description.”
8/10 gamespot.com

“It’s an unusual, singular game that uses the normal tools of first-person shooter design (UDK) to make something plainly weird. I’d give it some kind of gold star for just being different.”
- – rockpapershotgun.com

“Explore the abandoned Death Star of the mind: The Zone from Tarkovsky’s Stalker reimagined.”
71/100 killscreendaily.com

“Limasse Five’s creation, NaissanceE, is loneliness. It’s an exploration of the self. It’s a test of will. It’s discovering your personal solace.”
- – indiestatik.com

NaissanceE on Steam



An intense last run

The patch 1.11 has been released.

This new patch is only focused on improving the very last part of the game, making it more enjoyable. Indeed whereas it before seemed technically not doable, a way has been found to add more checkpoints.
More players should now feel and play this section as it was originally designed: as an intense last run.

The patch also contains minor improvements, listed below:

-Additional checkpoints in “Meet the host” level.
-Small improvements in the “host awakening” sequence readability, making more clear what the player should do.

-Fixed a bug killing the player if he lands on a specific place on one of the last platform. The player can now land everywhere safely on this platform.

This patch should not break saves, but just in case, it’s recommended to backup the “UDKNE_Safeguard.ini” file before launching the updated game.
Then if saves are broken, please follow the procedure below:

-Go to: “…\Steam\SteamApps\common\NaissanceE\UDKGame\Config”
-Copy/past this file somewhere else for backup: “UDKNE_Safeguard.ini”
-Launch the updated game, then exit.
-Copy the backup file “UDKNE_Safeguard.ini” you made before.
-Past it in “…\Steam\SteamApps\common\NaissanceE\UDKGame\Config”
-Overwrite if asked.

NaissanceE is available on Steam



The “less frustration, more pleasure” patch is here !

The patch 1.1 has been released.

Also called “less frustration, more pleasure” patch, it should improve the NaissanceE experience, especially on the platform and action sequences. Indeed many additional checkpoints in Act 2 “Going Down” and Act 3 “Breath Compression” will make these sections much less frustrating. However the feeling of fragility and danger should stay intact, as the player still needs to observe the environment and to act carefully.

The patch also contains a lot of others improvements, listed below:

-Invert mouse option in the option menu.
-Vsync option advertisement: “Needs to restart the game” in graphic option menu.
-Additional checkpoints in Act 2 “Going Down” and Act 3 “Breath Compression”.
-End game credits.

-Air conduct fan just after “Kid Toys” puzzle now propels properly player even when playing with a low frame-rate.
-Improved level design in “Kid Toys” room so player should not anymore fall accidentally from the ladders when coming from the side.
-Fixed a bug making the player blocked in the hollow pipe in air conduct final section.
-Fixed bugs in the “inconstancy ruins” in “Endless Dive” so player will not be trapped any-more and the game system now should work properly where-ever the player went before.
-Small level design improvements in the “Meet the host” chase so the path is clearer and easier.

This patch may beak the old saves. To avoid this follow the procedure:
-Go to: “…\Steam\SteamApps\common\NaissanceE\UDKGame\Config”
-Copy/past this file somewhere else for backup: “UDKNE_Safeguard.ini”
-Launch the updated game, then exit.
-Copy the backup file “UDKNE_Safeguard.ini” you made before.
-Past it in “…\Steam\SteamApps\common\NaissanceE\UDKGame\Config”
-Overwrite if asked.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

NaissanceE is available on Steam




NaissanceE has finally been released on Steam.

Available for 19.99 $ / 12.99 £ / 14.99 € / 399 py6 / 34.99 R$, with a 10% reduction on the first week.
I hope you will enjoy your trip in the NaissanceE world.

“Every corner of every room is lit for dramatic effect, making the game a screenshot photographer’s dream come true. Rooms aren’t just puzzle boxes, they’re tableaus: a series of Gursky readymades. The enormous Brutalist environs make up an ever-deeper underground sci-fi metropolis, fusing ancient Egyptian architecture’s monolithic tendencies with its penchant for hidden corridors. If you’re lost, you probably just haven’t looked around enough. To play NaissanceE is to explore the abandoned Death Star of the mind: The Zone from Tarkovsky’s Stalker reimagined.” Read more on killscreendaily.com

“NaissanceE is a breathtaking game that will leave you questioning everything” More on Alice’s video review

“A pure adventure of sight, sound and sensory overload. Mesmerizing yet oppressive. Will work best for those who can enjoy games that remove almost the whole human element from the picture.”
Read more on extrahype.com

“NaissanceE is one of few games that allows for silent reflection. Loneliness doesn’t subscribe to a singular connotation. For some, it’s depression. For others, reclusiveness is comfort. Every game is open to intense interpretation, but most of them try to force some greater revelation on you. NaissanceE is an insular experience. This world is as much a vessel as those crawling geometric insects. External advancement is ancillary. Your only measure of progress is through NaissanceE’s intense examination of the self. “
Read more on indiestatik.com

You can also watch Chris Priestman’s video review, A limasse five new interview and more reviews here.

NaissanceE Release Trailer par LimasseFive

Also on youtube

2013 Indie DB of the year starts!

Like every years, IndieDB organizes a friendly contest and invites people to vote for their favourite games. This year NaissanceE will be present, so if you like it and want to help promoting the game, your votes are more than welcome!

Time to vote for NaissanceE:

2013 Indie of the Year Awards via Indie DB

In addition, some new screenshots showing unrevealed places from NaissanceE world:

NaissanceE in Green with Echoes


NaissanceE finally got Steam’s greenlight !
The game release is now planned for early 2014. Stay tuned and thanks for the support.

NaissanceE on Steam Greenlight


Also, IndieStatik and 1001-up wrote interesting and very positive previews, please take a look:

“…NaissanceE really is like wandering through an abstract version of Blame!, but it’s also much more than just that, too. I’ve struggled to find the words to describe it, but hopefully, the visuals make up for that in some part. I’ve found it to be quite an incredible, beautiful, clever and unique game…”

Read more on IndieStatik.

“…when we arrived here, the entire 1001-Up.com team let out a collective ‘Wow’. [...] So far we’ve found Limasse Five’s title to be a beautiful and lonely trip…”

Read more on 1001-up.