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2013 Indie DB of the year starts!

Like every years, IndieDB organizes a friendly contest and invites people to vote for their favourite games. This year NaissanceE will be present, so if you like it and want to help promoting the game, your votes are more than welcome!

Time to vote for NaissanceE:

2013 Indie of the Year Awards via Indie DB

In addition, some new screenshots showing unrevealed places from NaissanceE world:

NaissanceE in Green with Echoes


NaissanceE finally got Steam’s greenlight !
The game release is now planned for early 2014. Stay tuned and thanks for the support.

NaissanceE on Steam Greenlight


Also, IndieStatik and 1001-up wrote interesting and very positive previews, please take a look:

“…NaissanceE really is like wandering through an abstract version of Blame!, but it’s also much more than just that, too. I’ve struggled to find the words to describe it, but hopefully, the visuals make up for that in some part. I’ve found it to be quite an incredible, beautiful, clever and unique game…”

Read more on IndieStatik.

“…when we arrived here, the entire team let out a collective ‘Wow’. […] So far we’ve found Limasse Five’s title to be a beautiful and lonely trip…”

Read more on 1001-up.



End of summer news

Interview: just published an interview about NaissanceE. You will find new informations about the creation process, influences, opinions on the indie scene and many more topics.


It’s now possible to follow Limasse Five’s thoughts and the advancement of NaissanceE on Twitter.

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For this end of summer we also have some new pics, hope you’ll enjoy: