Monthly Archives: March 2014

An intense last run

The patch 1.11 has been released.

This new patch is only focused on improving the very last part of the game, making it more enjoyable. Indeed whereas it before seemed technically not doable, a way has been found to add more checkpoints.
More players should now feel and play this section as it was originally designed: as an intense last run.

The patch also contains minor improvements, listed below:

-Additional checkpoints in “Meet the host” level.
-Small improvements in the “host awakening” sequence readability, making more clear what the player should do.

-Fixed a bug killing the player if he lands on a specific place on one of the last platform. The player can now land everywhere safely on this platform.

This patch should not break saves, but just in case, it’s recommended to backup the “UDKNE_Safeguard.ini” file before launching the updated game.
Then if saves are broken, please follow the procedure below:

-Go to: “…\Steam\SteamApps\common\NaissanceE\UDKGame\Config”
-Copy/past this file somewhere else for backup: “UDKNE_Safeguard.ini”
-Launch the updated game, then exit.
-Copy the backup file “UDKNE_Safeguard.ini” you made before.
-Past it in “…\Steam\SteamApps\common\NaissanceE\UDKGame\Config”
-Overwrite if asked.

NaissanceE is available on Steam